Sulam Alumni Projects: Portland Jewish Academy

by Merrill Hendin and the Limmud 2.0 Team May 06, 2015 Portland, Oregon
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Adult Jewish Learning, On Campus and Off

This year we wanted our parents to truly appreciate the value of Jewish education by investing in their own Jewish education. We created a variety of programs, some ongoing and others stand-alone, some formal others informal, some text-based and others more experiential. Under the Limmud 2.0 title, parents participated in Shabbat dinners, book clubs, received information flyers about each chag, attended a parshah class, and discussed a variety of topics.

Sulam Alumni Projects: Tarbut V'Torah

by Rabbi Stuart Light May 06, 2015 Irvine, California
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Six God Talks Later…Now What?

Our final God talk speaker has come and gone this week. What has been most gratifying is to notice how ritualized these speaking events have become. Students arrive with an understanding of their expectations and job. Namely, to tease out of our speakers the answers to the five theology questions that they have studied during the year. Since the speakers arrive prepped to answer these questions as well, there is a nice synergy that develops between speaker and audience, all on the same page, all there for the same reasons. In addition, classroom study and previous experiences with other God Talk speakers have enabled students to develop a sophisticated internal schema of old knowledge where these new answers can be organized and recalled with ease.

Sulam Alumni Projects: Agnon School

by Amy Pincus Apr 27, 2015 Beechwood, OH

At the middle school retreat in September, we introduced the Social Emotional Learning Initiative to the students, and the workshops were focused on the topics of “acceptance, diversity, and celebrating difference.” Throughout the year, students have focused on these topics in rabbinics classes and during their SEL advisory meetings. Our students have engaged in special activities over this year that have been utilized in an effort to increase awareness and sensitivity to individuals with a variety of special needs.

Sulam Alumni Blog: N. E. Miles Jewish Day School

by Sherri Krell and Lise Grace Apr 27, 2015 Birmingham, AL

The garden project is blooming! We have lots of veggies coming up, and the students meet weekly with Howard Bearman to weed and do various other jobs. We have more than ten students of all ages who regularly stay after school on Wednesdays to take care of the garden.

Parsha Blog: Pesach

by Rabbi Shawn SimonHazani, Coordinator/Instructor Mar 30, 2015 Mitzpeh BaGalil at Hannaton, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy
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We are told in the Torah in several locations that we must eat unleavened bread for 7 days, put all leaven out of our homes to the extent that it is not seen anywhere near us for the full week of the festival of Pesach. We are also told in these same passages that we are to bake and eat matzah on the holiday. This begs the question of what is leaven/chametz that we must be so careful that we not eat it nor have it in our very presence.

Sulam Alumni Projects: N. E. Miles Jewish Day School

by Sheri Krell and Lise Grace Mar 26, 2015 Birmingham, AL

1. Update on the Garden

Sulam Alumni Projects: Tarbut V'Torah

by Rabbi Stuart Light Mar 20, 2015 Irvine, CA

Blog: Questions Asked and Answered at the Recent Day School Conference

Use What You Know, Reflect, Listen and Look: Advice from a Hebrew Poet

Mar 12, 2015
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Interview with Janice Silverman Rebibo

A well regarded Hebrew poet who lives in Boston, Janice Silverman Rebibo has been the judge of RAVSAK's Hebrew Poetry Contest.

How did you get interested in writing Hebrew poetry?

Parsha Blog: Ki Tisa

by Merrill Hendin, Head of School Mar 04, 2015 Portland Jewish Academy, Portland, Oregon
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This week’s parasha, Ki Tisa, is chock full of ‘good stuff’ and lessons to impart.  The list is long:

Moses takes a census of the people;

We are given instructions on the building of the Ohel Moed- the Holy Tabernacle;

Moshe receives the tablets with the Ten Commandments on it-twice!

The people build a golden calf while  Moshe is on Mt. Sinai;

Shabbat is mentioned once again  as a day of pure rest;

There is even a nod to Kashrut in a verse prohibiting cooking a kid’s meat in its mother’s milk.

Sulam Alumni Projects: N. E. Miles Jewish Day School

by Sheri Krell Feb 25, 2015 Birmingham, AL

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