Sulam Alumni Projects: N. E. Miles Jewish Day School

by Sherri Krell Nov 24, 2014
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On November 14th we had a B’yachad Kabbalat Shabbat at school. We invited the Jewish residents from Greenbriar Retirement Home to join us. We also invited a couple from Romania who spend half their year in Birmingham and the rest of their time in Bucharest. We had a wonderful time together. The interactions were great. After hearing from their children, I received two phone calls from parents asking further questions about the event!

Parashat Vayetze

by Mitch Flatow, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Nov 24, 2014 Pardes Jewish Day School, Phoenix, Arizona
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Vayetze means “and he went out” and relates the story of Jacob’s departure from Beersheva for Haran, Rebecca’s birthplace. The first night of the journey, he dreams of a staircase reaching from earth to heaven and is told by God that his descendants will be blessed and they will inherit the land already promised to Abraham and Isaac.

Student Profile: Meet Missy Minuk

Nov 19, 2014 12th Grade Student at Gray Academy in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Missy Minuk is in her Grade 12 year at Gray Academy of Jewish Education. She began her academic career as a 3-year-old in the Junior Kindergarten program and will celebrate her 14th as a proud member of the class of 2015. Missy is a true example of a Jewish day school student who embraces both the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular offerings available to her; these experiences have shaped the young leader she has become today.

Book Blog: Can Great Teaching Be Taught?

by Mallory Rome, Assistant Head of School Nov 18, 2014 Jewish Community High School of the Bay, San Francisco, California
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Review of Building a Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone) by Elizabeth Green (New York: WW Norton) 2014.

Book Blog: Creating a Culture for Moral Education

by Beth Fine, Judaics Coordinator and Instructional Coach Nov 18, 2014 Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle, Bellevue, Washington
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A review of Educating Moral People: A Caring Alternative to Character Education by Nel Noddings (New York: Teachers College Press) 2002.

Sulam Alumni Projects: N. E. Miles Jewish Day School

by Sherri Krell, N. E. Miles Jewish Day School Nov 08, 2014 Birmingham, Alabama

B’yachad is an intergenerational Judaic learning experience between all the students at the NE Miles Jewish Day School and senior adults in the Birmingham Jewish community. The schoolwide Judaic theme for the year is the value of the elderly to the community, the community responsibility to this generation and the importance of chesed and kavod. We will spend this year creating as many opportunities as possible putting these two populations together.

Sulam Alumni Projects: Portland Jewish Academy

by Rabbi Yoseph Chaiton, Sarah Kahn Glass and Merrill Hendin, Portland Jewish Academy Nov 08, 2014 Portland, Oregon

Limmud 2.0, PJA’s Adult and Family Education Program was launched this year after positive feedback from parents about last year’s adult education opportunities, which included Chai Mitzvah and Melton. The overall goals of the program are several. We hope that parents will become more invested in their own Jewish education and thereby become more invested in what their children are learning at school.

Sulam Alumni Projects: The Agnon School

by Amy Pincus, Leah Spector and Karil Bialostosky, The Agnon School Nov 08, 2014 Beachwood, Ohio
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Our overarching goal of our newly reformatted and formally institutionalized Social Emotional Program is to infuse our Jewish Values Curriculum into the program, guided by the overarching value of Derech Eretz.

Sulam Alumni Projects: A Speaker Goes Rogue and a Program Hangs in the Balance

by Rabbi Stuart Light, Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School Nov 08, 2014 Irvine, California
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In a (little more than a) nutshell, here’s the project that Tarbut V Torah is developing with help from a SULAM alumni challenge grant.

Tarbut V'Torah is trying to measure the spiritual growth of our High School students in the following way:

I.  A 9th and 12th grade curriculum is currently being written to investigation these key questions of Jewish theology:

1.       What happened at Mount Sinai?

2.       What happens after we die?

3.       How does God act in the world?

Shavuot 5774

by Tzivia Garfinkel, Head of Jewish Studies, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School Nov 08, 2014 Chicago, Illinois
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I'm writing this Dvar Torah on the 42nd day of the Omer, which means we have one week to go until Shavuot. This conscious counting, as Betty Winn pointed out in her Dvar Torah last week, moves us deliberately through time towards a finite point, the celebration of Shavuot.